The Walking Dead 10 Future Storylines That Daryl Can Have

The Walking Dead: 10 Future Storylines That Daryl Can Have

Daryl Dixon is perhaps the most important remaining character on The Walking Dead, and here are 10 possible storylines we could imagine occurring.

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The Walking Dead 10 Future Storylines That Daryl Can Have

It’s still a bit of a wait for the mid-season premiere of The Walking Dead, with there being little news on where the show will be headed by the end of the season. For now, we’ve had some arcs that have been left to interpret, and there’s a large room for speculation.

For this reason, we’ve come up with several scenarios that look into the plot angles Daryl has the potential to be seen in. Since his larger role in the last year or so, Daryl’s change in characterization can allow for these 10 storylines he could have in the future.

10 Romance With Connie

The Walking Dead 10 Future Storylines That Daryl Can Have

There have been enough hints toward this romance for it to be something to believe in, as there is a definite connection between Daryl and Connie. The only snag here would be if the show goes for shock value and kills off Connie before the romance becomes canon.

As far as we think, Daryl should be in for this storyline since he’s been on The Walking Dead for a decade by now and hasn’t had any love interest. The couple can be set up to take the role Rick and Andrea had in the comics.

9 Reuniting With Rick

The Walking Dead 10 Future Storylines That Daryl Can Have

This is a huge long shot but we can still hold out hope, can’t we? The only way Rick would return to the show—and we have speculated on that a bit before—would be in a program with Daryl. On the flip side, we could perhaps see Daryl transition to the film series.

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Nobody said he can’t exist in two continuities at the same time, so we might have Daryl in both the films and the TV series. A reunion with Rick can arrive in the form of the two characters coming across each other somewhere far with Daryl urging Rick to come back.

8 Facing Off Against Beta

The Walking Dead 10 Future Storylines That Daryl Can Have

The Whisperers’ agenda might be hard to understand at present, but we’re putting our money at the storyline that was seen in the comics where Beta became the new leader. That took place after Alpha’s death, meaning Beta would need someone around the same stature to go against.

This would place Daryl directly opposite Beta to be challenged, and it would be the first time we see Daryl at the forefront during a war storyline since he was only a supporting player against the Saviors. A final one-on-one fight between these two would have an awesome build-up that decides the fates of others too.

7 Understanding Negan’s Change

The Walking Dead 10 Future Storylines That Daryl Can Have

Negan is no longer that vile person he’d been when he took the lives of Daryl’s friends a few years ago, but nobody other than Judith has been able to see that. Daryl has also treated Negan as an enemy during this time, so it might be time for a change.

Since Rick is gone, Daryl can have the same dynamic he had with Negan in the comics. The two can be seen devising plans to win the Whisperer war, during which Daryl learns just how much Negan has changed, eventually attempting to convince the others to accept Negan into society.

6 Estrangement With Carol

The Walking Dead 10 Future Storylines That Daryl Can Have

There’s a lot of grey area where Carol is concerned, but Daryl has only ever seen good in her. As of late, she’s been way more erratic than she used to be, and there’s a certain disconnect between these two friends.

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So, it would make sense if Daryl calls Carol out for willingly hurting herself, such as popping the pills that caused her to hallucinate, using Lydia for her own gains, and divorcing Ezekiel. An estrangement between these two can follow after this, which then paves the way for character development on both fronts as Daryl would understand Carol’s grief while she understands how selfish she’s being.

5 Discovering The Commonwealth

The Walking Dead 10 Future Storylines That Daryl Can Have

One can usually predict where the show is going based on the happenings in the comic book, but Daryl’s presence makes this rather unpredictable since he was never a character in the source material, to begin with.

That’s why a potential angle with the Commonwealth holds special interest. Rather than have Eugene get in contact with them (as seems to be the case at present), Daryl could be the one to stumble upon soldiers from the Commonwealth. From there on, we can see Daryl discovering this huge community and feeling out of place with how political that environment is.

4 Becoming The Coalition’s Leader

The Walking Dead 10 Future Storylines That Daryl Can Have

Although Daryl has been set up as the character who’s gotten the most focus since Rick’s departure, he hasn’t been treated as the main guy in-universe. He’s still only a contributor in the fold rather than the one steering the ship, so a change might be up to occur.

Since the Whisperers are marching toward war, rather than having multiple leaders, we could see Daryl be the only leader. He’s come a long way since when he only wanted to attack, and the current Daryl’s strategy would be fascinating to watch as he’d struggle with choosing to spare certain Whisperers and make hard decisions within the Coalition.

3 Leaving The Communities To Become A Recluse Once More

The Walking Dead 10 Future Storylines That Daryl Can Have

After Rick’s supposed death, Daryl left the community to go live on his own in the woods for a number of years before the current storyline took off. It’s been a missed opportunity that we haven’t seen him survive on his own in this, which is why a return to it would be a good thing.

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Daryl can be shown recovering from losing a close friend, perhaps someone like Connie or Carol, and go back to his days as a recluse. It would attest to Daryl’s status as a survivor and bring in episodes that show just how Daryl manages to be by himself out in the wild.

2 Becoming Judith And Lydia’s Guardian

The Walking Dead 10 Future Storylines That Daryl Can Have

Daryl has been Lydia’s only friend since Henry’s death, and, with her departure in the mid-season finale, we could be in for an angle where Daryl tracks her down. With Michonne’s exit also a sure thing, Judith should also be on her own soon enough.

By bringing both girls together, Daryl can be seen as a father, either by fully adopting the two or at least being their mentor. There’s no doubt that fans would love watching Judith and Lydia become badass survivors the same way Daryl is and for the three to form a surrogate family trio.

1 Meeting The Fate Rick Did In The Comics

There’s going to be an ending to this series, and we’re certain it will have the same flash-forward to the far future. However, to get there, the main character has to die. Daryl may have avoided having all of Rick’s storylines, but this is one that might be fated for him.

While we’re not too thrilled about Daryl dying, it is definitely a route The Walking Dead could take for him if it means Daryl will be hailed as a martyr and a symbol for freedom. The lead-up to this can see Daryl realizing the Commonwealth is deeply corrupted, and alerting the others of this fact before he makes his big sacrifice.

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