The Boys Theory Season 3 May Use the Comics Most Horrific Idea on [SPOILER]

The Boys Theory: Season 3 May Use the Comics’ Most Horrific Idea on [SPOILER?]

In the original Boys comics, a hero is brought back from near death. His disturbing change may yet haunt the hit Amazon Prime show. Like it or not.

You Are Reading :The Boys Theory Season 3 May Use the Comics Most Horrific Idea on [SPOILER]

The Boys Theory Season 3 May Use the Comics Most Horrific Idea on [SPOILER]

WARNING: The following contains major spoilers for The Boys Season 2, Episode 8, “What I Know,” now available on Amazon Prime.

When Season 2 of The Boys on Amazon Prime concluded, Stormfront was left a broken, dismembered husk after being laser-blasted by Ryan Butcher in an attempt to stop her from killing his mother, Becca.

Though her condition was dire, the show left it up in the air as to whether she was actually permanently dead. A plot device from the original comics, however, may lend a possible clue as to what could lie in store for Stormfront next, and how she could possibly return to the series.

The Boys Has Its Own ‘We Are the Walking Dead’ Moment – and It’s Terrifying

The Boys Theory Season 3 May Use the Comics Most Horrific Idea on [SPOILER]

In the original The Boys comics, Mallory (who is gender-swapped in the Amazon series) takes revenge for the death of his grandchildren by putting a bullet in Lamplighter’s head. However, it isn’t quite the end for the light-wielding supe. In a horrific twist, it turns out that an emergency treatment of Compound V can keep mortally injured supes alive, but in a zombified, monstrous state.

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Homelander cruelly reveals this to Starlight and A-Train when he sends them to clean a hidden room in the basement of Vought Tower. In his words, what’s lying in wait there is an illustration of the consequences of underestimating The Boys. Starlight and A-Train are horrified beyond words to find the resurrected Lamplighter chained to a wall and in an utterly degraded condition. The once-proud supe is a monstrosity who shouldn’t be alive — drooling, insensate, rolling in his own feces.

It’s revealed that Vought implements the zombification procedure mainly for publicity purposes, occasionally trotting undead supes out in front of the media to reinforce the public perception of superheroes as being invulnerable. Before Lamplighter deteriorated to the state Starlight and A-Train find him in, he had just enough cognitive function to be able to declare his retirement to the press, thus opening up a spot for Starlight to join The Seven.

Could The Boys’ Stormfront Suffer the Same Fate as Lamplighter?

The Boys Theory Season 3 May Use the Comics Most Horrific Idea on [SPOILER]

The Boys has made a point of not confirming Stormfront’s demise, despite the brutal physical beating she’s taken. It seems the showrunners may not be done with this character yet, and the full depths of Compound V’s complexities and characteristics have yet to be explored. This provides a perfect opportunity to introduce the V-zombies plot point from the source text.

It’s interesting to note that just as Zombie Lamplighter is in an extremely regressed and diminished state of mind, so too is Stormfront at the end of the second season. Her mental regression takes a different form, though. Rather than being reduced to a feral, mindless monster, she seems to be caught in a delusion of her happiest memories from the past, muttering in German to her lost husband and child who died decades ago. The concept of a mentally lost and incapacitated Stormfront being controlled by Vought is rich with storytelling potential.

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The Boys Vs. Superhero Zombies in Season 3?

The Boys Theory Season 3 May Use the Comics Most Horrific Idea on [SPOILER]

If Stormfront is brought back this way, any number of near-dead supes could also come back in a similar fashion. This opens up a world of grisly possibilities for the third season. It’s unlikely that those who were head-exploded, such as Shockwave, would be able to return, as it seems zombification requires at least an intact brain. Lamplighter probably can’t be resurrected either, as his body was last seen in a charred, utterly ruined state.

Black Noir, however, is a strong candidate for V-zombification. As of the finale, he’s left braindead after suffering acute anaphylactic shock from having an Almond Joy stuffed in his mouth by Queen Maeve. Given that the showrunners appear to have abandoned the comics storyline in which Black Noir is revealed to be [SPOILER] a Homelander clone, they may be preparing to take the character in this direction instead. Then again, another theory is that Black Noir is already a zombie, given his limited communication.

Regardless, an army of zombie supes fighting for Vought could prove to be a formidable foe for The Boys, depending on what condition they’re in. It’s doubtful that the show will take the exact same route as the comics, as a group of slobbering puppets are hardly useful in a fight, nor are they very interesting to watch on TV. The stronger possibility is that they might come back as mindless killing machines, completely under the control of Vought. The company would have a strong incentive to hide their zombie nature, as the truth would undoubtedly horrify the public, ruining the supes’ carefully curated image.

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One also wonders how the exploding heads plot might intersect with the emergence of zombie supes. It’s intriguing to imagine Vought using them to attempt to root out the head-exploder — an army of undead supes could definitely make for useful cannon fodder. Viewers will have to wait for Season 3 of The Boys to see if this plot turn from the comics will appear in the show.

All eight episodes of The Boys’ Season 2 are currently available on Amazon Prime.

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