The 10 Smartest Gods In Marvel Comics Ranked

The 10 Smartest Gods In Marvel Comics, Ranked

Some gods are much smarter than others using all they’ve learned to supplement their great power. Their intelligence and power combined is impressive.

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The 10 Smartest Gods In Marvel Comics Ranked

While they’re more known for their amazing heroes and nefarious villains, Marvel is full of gods of all kinds. Whether they are mythological, alien, or ones that never existed before, the gods of the Marvel Universe are a powerful lot, interfering in the affairs of mortals and fighting titanic battles in the stars. Some are more easily defeated than others, as their power levels do vary.

Another substantial thing about them that varies is their intelligence. Some gods are much smarter than others, using all they’ve learned to supplement their great power. Their intelligence and power combined make them majestic and sometimes frighteningly unknowable.

10 Odin Is A Great Tactician But He Makes Mistakes In Judgment

The 10 Smartest Gods In Marvel Comics Ranked

Odin is the head of the Norse pantheon and one of the most important human gods. Odin has been fighting a multi-pronged war against the enemies of Asgard for countless eons and has kept his kingdom safe from its myriad enemies, proving his tactical know-how. He’s made many sacrifices over the years in order to gain the knowledge needed to stop Ragnarok, as well.

Odin is an intelligent god but that doesn’t mean he’s a great judge of character, but that seems like a pretty common Asgardian trait, as they all fell for Loki’s tricks for centuries. That doesn’t change just how smart he is, though.

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9 Loki’s Knowledge Of Magic And Cunning Make Him Asgard’s Smartest God

The 10 Smartest Gods In Marvel Comics Ranked

Loki has long been one of the Marvel Universe’s greatest villains, although he has been known to switch sides from time to time. The Asgardian God of Mischief, Loki’s entire MO is about being smarter than just about everyone he comes across. While he may not know a lot about science, his knowledge of magic and his cunning reveal a keen mind.

Loki is much smarter than most of his foes in many ways. He may not understand quantum physics but he doesn’t need to, as his magic makes that sort of thing superfluous. His real intelligence comes from being able to trick everyone he comes across, his greatest skill.

8 Death Doesn’t Say Much But She Knows A Lot

The 10 Smartest Gods In Marvel Comics Ranked

Mistress Death is the anthropomorphic representation of death in the Marvel Universe and the object of affection for Thanos and Deadpool. She’s a mostly silent character, so it can be hard to know what’s going on in her head or how much she knows, but it’s undoubtedly a lot. Her realm is home to the Infinity Well, which allows her to see anything that has ever happened.

It’s safe to say that Death knows way more than she lets on, as she has access to basically everything that ever happened because of the Well. While her concerns are different than many, she’s one of the smartest beings ever.

7 The Watcher Knows Human History Like Few Others

The 10 Smartest Gods In Marvel Comics Ranked

The Watchers aren’t technically gods, but their vast cosmic powers make them the next best thing. Uatu the Watcher watched the Earth for countless millennia, cataloging everything there is to know about humanity and its creations. Like every Watcher, he has a specialization and he is Earth.

The Watcher has been privy to every discovery that humanity has ever made, every technological breakthrough. He has also watched alternate universes that involve the Earth, as well, adding greatly to his knowledge.

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6 Galactus Is One Of The Oldest Beings In Existence

The 10 Smartest Gods In Marvel Comics Ranked

Galactus is feared throughout the cosmos for his power but he’s also one of the oldest beings in the universe. Galan of Taa was a scientist in the last iteration of the universe, surviving the end of all things and being reborn as Galactus when the next universe began. At that point, science was no longer a concern of his; all he cared about was consuming worlds.

Galactus has existed for a time untold and has witnessed things that few can imagine. While his life as Galactus hasn’t been as intellectually stimulating as his previous one, he still has a wide base of knowledge that makes him among the smartest beings out there.

5 The Celestials Are Vastly Intelligent

The 10 Smartest Gods In Marvel Comics Ranked

The Celestials are basically responsible for life in the universe as it is known. Just about every sentient race that ever existed has seen some kind Celestial manipulation, as the massive cosmic gods travel the cosmos, seeding life where ever they go. Their motives are unknowable and their intelligence is vast beyond imagining.

The minutiae of life is the purview of the Celestials, but that’s not all they know. Their technology is amazing, on a scale that boggles the mind, and each of these massive space gods have their own role and place in their inscrutable plan.

4 Infinity Is One Of The Greatest Entities In Existence

The 10 Smartest Gods In Marvel Comics Ranked

Infinity is the sister of Eternity and his equal in every way. Her counterpart is Oblivion and she’s existed for as long as time. Her energies power Quasar’s Quantum Bands and she’s one of the greatest abstract beings of them all. Her knowledge of the universe and all things is amazing. There are few secrets she doesn’t know.

Infinity rarely deigns to interfere in the affairs of the universe, moving along existence in her unknowable ways. When she does appear, there are few that know more than her.

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3 Eternity Is The Universe And Everything In It

The 10 Smartest Gods In Marvel Comics Ranked

Eternity is the embodiment of all things and that almost makes him beyond intelligence in a way. He has been a witness to everything because he is everything and the secrets he knows about all are not easily shared or understood by beings lesser than him. Calling him a god is almost insulting; he’s the thing gods live in.

Eternity represents everything and as such, knows all that happens within him. Even the knowledge of long-dead civilizations and worlds are his. If they existed within him, he knows them.

2 The Living Tribunal Is The Judge Of All Things

The 10 Smartest Gods In Marvel Comics Ranked

There is only being greater than the Living Tribunal. All things are open to its tripartite gaze and it’s called upon to render judgment in those cases when the fate of all is at stake. When it needs to know something, there are no secrets from it; the Living Tribunal knows all and sees all, the better to render judgment over the cosmos.

The Living Tribunal’s intelligence is only matched by its power. It is the one who arbitrates the will of the One Above All and while it might not know everything, it knows more than enough.

1 The One Above All’s Name Says It All

The One Above All is the most powerful being in the Marvel Universe. It is the creator of all, the one who stands above everything. It has all of the power and intelligence; there is nothing it does not know. It rarely intervenes in the affairs of the universe, preferring to let its servant the Living Tribunal take care of all of that.

It’s impossible to imagine just how intelligent the One Above All is. Saying it knows everything is almost meaningless when one describes its intelligence and even calling it intelligence doesn’t do it justice. There is nothing it doesn’t know because it is impossible for it not to know everything.

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