Rick & Morty 10 Times Morty Was Smarter Than Rick

Rick & Morty: 10 Times Morty Was Smarter Than Rick

Rick may be a genius who is used to being right, but Morty has proven himself smarter at least a few times.

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Rick & Morty 10 Times Morty Was Smarter Than Rick

Rick Sanchez of Rick & Morty is right about everything 99% of the time, a fact that often leaves his grandson Morty upset and humiliated. The old man is exhausting to deal with in any given situation, but his ego makes him considerably more tiresome, especially when he rubs the truth in Morty’s face.

On the other hand, Rick is so used to being correct that he occasionally misses the mark due to his own overconfidence, allowing Morty to shine brighter — even if it’s only for a brief, fleeting moment. Unlike Rick, however, Morty seldom gloats about his brilliance, a sign that the grandson might eventually turn out to be wiser than his grandpa.

10 Morty Saves Rick And Himself In The Pilot Episode

Rick & Morty 10 Times Morty Was Smarter Than Rick

Rick takes Morty on a perilous journey to procure Mega Seeds, an interdimensional product whose exact properties remain unknown to this day. Although vibrant and exciting, their adventure causes extreme physical, emotional, and psychological agony for Morty. Still, Rick doesn’t mind his grandson suffering as long as the object of interest is successfully obtained.

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In the process of escaping the Gromflomite guards, Morty realizes that they can simply scale the walls with their anti-gravity grappling shoes, to which Rick proudly exclaims that “the student becomes the teacher.”

9 Morty Helps Beth Become A Better Parent

Rick & Morty 10 Times Morty Was Smarter Than Rick

Rick is so desperate to be with his daughter that he finds an adult version of Beth and moves in with the family, exerting his toxic influence over them. Beth is just as excited to have her father back, so she naturally supports Rick, regardless of all the danger he drags into the household.

On the other hand, Morty helps his mother come to terms with her parental neglect when he outright states that she is starting to become exactly like her father. Beth is shocked to her core and promises to do better for her children.

8 Morty Doesn’t Confuse Granted For Granite

Rick & Morty 10 Times Morty Was Smarter Than Rick

Morty isn’t known for his scientific genius, he doesn’t exhibit a fraction of Rick’s IQ, but there are moments in which the grandson proves to be smarter, or at least less inane, than his grandpa.

On one of their adventures, Rick mournfully tells Morty that one “should never take things for granite,” a commonly misheard version of “take things for granted.” Morty jumps on the error and mocks Rick for being a “boulder person,” at which point the latter simply erases the former’s memory.

7 Morty Becomes The Tree People’s Leader

Rick & Morty 10 Times Morty Was Smarter Than Rick

Morty warns Rick that entangling himself in “slavery with extra steps” isn’t going to end well, which is exactly what happens when the two of them (and Zeep Xanflorp) are trapped in the unevolved “teenyverse.” Although Morty begs the two scientists to collaborate on an escape route, his pleas go unheard.

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Rick and Zeep begin trying to one-up each other while Morty secretly develops a rapport with the semi-civilized Tree People, rising the ranks to become their leader.

6 Morty’s Reaction To The Vat Of Acid Is Justified

Rick & Morty 10 Times Morty Was Smarter Than Rick

Rick insists that his vat of acid scheme is watertight, but Morty easily takes it apart, flaw by flaw. Both of them are furious with each other, but Rick plots to shame his grandson by forcing him to relive the vat of acid dissolution sequence later in the same episode.

However, it’s clear that Morty is right to dismiss Rick’s ridiculous idea that a tank filled with harmless green liquid, an oxygen delivery system, and random bones would sufficiently fool a group of space criminals.

5 Morty’s Healthy Version Evades Rick For Weeks

Rick & Morty 10 Times Morty Was Smarter Than Rick

Toxic Rick would rather be an independent being and destroy the world than permit his healthy half to live a normal life. Healthy Morty is ironically the most like Toxic Rick, given that he vanishes after the two versions of Rick fuse back together.

Healthy Morty builds a high-flying life for himself on what appears to be Wall Street, even landing a girlfriend in the process. He successfully evades Rick’s attempts to find him for weeks, but he eventually “allows” his grandpa to track his location using his phone coordinates.

4 Morty Figures Out Drunk Rick’s Puzzles

Rick & Morty 10 Times Morty Was Smarter Than Rick

Rick loves Morty deeply, perhaps too much to express it without undergoing a whole series of cathartic responses. He cloaks his affection in the Saw-themed deathtrap conundrums in Worldender’s lair, which Morty is able to solve with relative ease.

Rick’s alcoholic brain devises strategies that are neither unique nor imaginative, as his listless grandson explains to the Vindicators. Morty figures out the last puzzle, but he is disappointed when Rick continues to direct his affection at anyone but Morty.

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3 Morty Pacifies Summer Using Both Logic And Emotion

Rick & Morty 10 Times Morty Was Smarter Than Rick

Where Rick’s habits lead him to logical solutions, his conclusions aren’t always satisfactory to the other characters in the series, especially when the problem is an emotional one.

On the other hand, Morty is capable of blending common sense with empathy, like when he convinces Summer that her existence is valid simply because she exists. This level of philosophical rhetoric demonstrates that Morty’s maturity, while limited by his teenage hormones, occasionally eclipses Rick’s.

2 Morty Somehow Defeats Rick At Checkers

Rick & Morty 10 Times Morty Was Smarter Than Rick

The underground chamber containing stored memories — mostly memories mind-blown from Morty — reveals that Rick isn’t as smooth or witty as he portrays himself. A single brief flashback shows Morty defeating Rick at checkers, an ancient board game built around complex strategizing.

It’s possible that the older man underestimates his grandson’s intelligence and doesn’t pay attention during their game. Nevertheless, Rick considers this memory to be shameful, indirectly proving Morty’s superiority.

1 He Is “The One True Morty”

The One True Morty is teased in “Close Rick-Counters of the Rick Kind.” Rick C-137 tracks the source that hacked his portal gun to a distant planet, where he and Morty come across a horrific sight — hundreds of Mortys squirming in agony.

Morty C-137 is subsequently imprisoned with a host of other Mortys, who believe him to be the so-called One True Morty. There is certainly a lot more to Morty Smith than meets the eye.

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