How Each SpiderMan in No Way Home Reveals Peter Parkers Marvel Journey

How Each Spider-Man in No Way Home Reveals Peter Parker’s Marvel Journey

Spider-Man: No Way Home brings together three eras of Spider-Man. But in doing so, it also shows three eras from his comic book history.

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WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Spider-Man: No Way Home, now playing in theaters.

Spider-Man: No Way Home showed audiences that it’s possible to merge three eras of one character into one film and have them be equally similar yet distinct from one another. However, seeing Tom Holland, Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire on screen for the first time also brings to light other shared traits between the heroes. For instance, it becomes evident how their stories complement the character’s three eras as a hero.

When put together, each iteration of the wall-crawler formulates a timeline that mirrors the hero’s actual journey through his comic history. As a result, each Spider-Man has life experiences that are different from each other but part of the larger picture that makes up the Amazing Spider-Man. That being said, which of the Spider-Men mirrors which comic book era?

Tom Holland’s Peter Mirrors His Early Years

Although Tom Holland’s Spider-Man has borrowed from storylines where Peter Parker is much older, i.e., Civil War (by Mark Millar and Steve McNiven) and One More Day (J. Michael Straczynski and Joe Quesada), this characterization is very much inspired by his early years as a hero. During the first issues of The Amazing Spider-Man, Peter was a high schooler who loved to show off to impress his classmates but could occasionally be standoffish. He traveled to locales outside of New York to face enemies like the Lizard and had the luxury of not facing any major consequences for his actions. Even with his ties to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Holland’s Spider-Man also mirrors these events. Except rather than traveling to the Everglades to stop the Lizard, he meets Mysterio in Europe. As a whole, Holland’s early appearance shows a version of Peter who is living with the benefits of being Spider-Man but has yet to face the moment that comes with the classic “With great power…” quote.

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Andrew Garfield’s Peter Mirrors The Experience Of Loss And Young Adult Life

When looking back on Andrew Garfield’s time as the web-head, Peter doesn’t spend nearly as much time in High School. Instead, his most defining moments come when he’s graduated and trying to make ends meet while transitioning into college. This also mirrors a similar window of time from the comics where Peter learned the hard way what happens when loved ones get caught in the crossfire. As the character matured, he suffered the loss of Captain George Stacy and later his daughter, Gwen Stacy. However, at the time, Gwen was dating Peter and was the love of his life. Instead of a villain outright killing her, it was his web-line that snapped her neck as he tried to stop her descent from the George Washington bridge. At the time, it was by far Peter’s darkest moment. Garfield’s version also lost the same people in similar circumstances, but rather than bounce back, he got rageful and hit harder. As a result, he stayed in his darkest chapter before meeting Holland’s Peter. That being said, he often appears as the cooler, more collected one to mask the pain he’s endured for years.

Tobey Maguire’s Peter Mirrors His More Seasoned Years as Spider-Man

As Peter got older and graduated college, life didn’t get any easier. But rather than face it without a foundation to fall on, his experience helped him deal with his obstacles. He also has the support of Mary Jane Watson, who knows his secret and is always there to welcome him home. Because of his experience and support system, this version of Peter has since learned to be a mentor and even trained Miles Morales to be his own Spider-Man. This version of Peter is still being developed as his story continues to evolve, but one thing that’s remained is he’s never forgotten the things that made him who he’s become. Maguire’s Peter is similar in that his version has also made his share of mistakes, from lying to Harry to hitting Mary Jane. However, he’s learned from them and mended the broken bridges that got him to Holland’s universe. Because of this, he can show Peter that revenge isn’t the answer after the Green Goblin kills Aunt May. His presence also proves that there is no greater teacher than experience.

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Ultimately, No Way Home celebrates the elements and characters that make Spider-Man so beloved. But, with three versions to celebrate, the film also shows how sprawling the hero’s history has become. Plus, with such a large history, each era has its own lessons to instill in young fans and a younger Spider-Man. In the end, Spider-Man is a hero made up of small victories and human flaws, but how he deals with them is what makes him such a relatable and enduring character.

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