Deadpool 2 8 Characters It Gets Right And 7 It Gets Wrong

Deadpool 2: 8 Characters It Gets Right And 7 It Gets Wrong

With Deadpool 2 now in theaters, CBR compares the movie to the comics and lists 8 characters that it gets right, and 7 that it gets totally wrong.

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Deadpool 2 8 Characters It Gets Right And 7 It Gets Wrong

The first Deadpool movie was a rather simple affair, and that is perhaps why it worked as well as it did. Its story was straightforward and relatable, and while the film took place in Fox’s X-Men movie universe, it chose to take place inside its own little bubble rather than mix in directly with what we had seen so far. As a result, the film turned into the best X-Men movie yet, without actually being an X-Men movie. Wade Wilson is a character that usually opts for the solo route, but Deadpool instead had the character build a fun relationship with Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead that helped the movie, and its sequel, become what they are.

The sequel Deadpool 2 followed the exact same route, but actually managed to double down on appearances by comic book characters. With the arrival of X-Force, Cable and Domino, the film would feature many more X-Men comic characters than its predecessor, meaning it turned into much more of an explosive comic book film — one that features time-travel and mutant-powered brawls. Today, CBR turns to the source material behind the film, the X-Men comics, to list 8 characters that Deadpool 2 got right, and 7 that it got totally wrong.

WARNING: This article contains major spoilers for Deadpool 2, in theaters now.


Deadpool 2 8 Characters It Gets Right And 7 It Gets Wrong

Casual moviegoers might think that Deadpool is the easiest character to portray on the screen, but he is actually one of the hardest. Yes, it must be really easy for someone as funny as Ryan Reynolds to improvise his lines, being as crude and ludicrous as possible along the way, but Deadpool isn’t just about being funny. The character is largely known for his love of chimichangas and his breaking of the fourth wall and his pop-culture references, but comic book fans know that the character also has a whole lot of love… and not just in the gross way. And as much as we didn’t expect it, Deadpool 2 infused the merc’ with a mouth with a whole lot of heart.

The movie starts on a rather depressing tone, with Wade Wilson trying to put an end to his life. We soon come to learn that this is because his longtime girlfriend Vanessa was tragically murdered in a home invasion that Wade failed to stop in time. This story of love lost is what drives Wade in this new film, but it’s not all either. Deadpool 2 explores the idea of Wade as a father figure with the young mutant Firefist. What’s more, the character even develops a friendship with Cable, and we can see that he actually cares about the members of his X-Force team. Well, some of them. OK, mostly just Peter. But the point still stands.


Deadpool 2 8 Characters It Gets Right And 7 It Gets Wrong

The creative minds behind Deadpool 2 decided to feature a Cable that was very different from the one seen in the comics. While the basic elements of the character are there – from the shining eye and metal arm to the gigantic weaponry and time-travelling – much of the rest of the character was changed or streamlined for his appearance in the film. When we meet Cable in the movie, he has just lost his wife and daughter, and he is on a mission of revenge, to kill Firefist in the past before the young mutant ever has the chance to grow up to become the killer that murders Cable’s family.

This gives Cable a much darker role that sees him become something like the Terminator. While Cable finally manages to save his family with the help of Deadpool, the character isn’t exactly portrayed as a hero for much of the film, which is what he is technically supposed to be. On top of that, we never hear confirmation that he is infected with a techno-organic virus, nor do we know if he is named Nathan Summers, the future son of Scott Summers, aka Cyclops, and we don’t even know if he technically has mutant powers.


Deadpool 2 8 Characters It Gets Right And 7 It Gets Wrong

One the bigger casting additions to Deadpool 2 was Zazie Beetz as the ever-lucky mutant Domino. Although Domino is depicted as a chalk-skinned woman in the comics, the character’s race was changed in the film, not that such a thing would ever affect how the character would come across on-screen. In fact, after seeing Deadpool 2, it’s obvious that Beetz was the only possible choice for Domino. The character was never defined by her race in the first place, and the movie proved that entirely. In a film as big and busy as Deadpool 2, Domino became a standout character, a scene stealer that everyone wants to see a whole lot more.

In the film, Domino was at the center of the most exciting and inventive action sequences that saw her manipulate the odds of any situation into her favor. She was perhaps the most heroic character of the film, with even her origins getting a bit of a tease. What’s more, her upbeat behavior and thrilling confrontational attitude made her the perfect foil for Ryan Reynolds’ Wade Wilson. It’s a good thing that a spinoff X-Force film is coming soon, because Domino could essentially become every moviegoer’s favorite mutant on the big screen.

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Deadpool 2 8 Characters It Gets Right And 7 It Gets Wrong

In the Deadpool movies, Colossus may be the brawn of Deadpool’s makeshift family/team, but he isn’t exactly depicted as he is in the comics. In the source material, Colossus is a far more serious character who is effectively the heart and soul of the team. Deadpool 2 does appear to use the character in such a fashion, but the movie uses that at the character’s expanse. His softness is used as a joke instead of the uplifting, inspiring moral compass that it’s supposed to be. In the film, Colossus is more or less a joke of a character, and simply a blunt instrument used to fight the likes of Juggernaut.

While Deadpool 2 does get the character’s size right, it also inexplicably features him in a constant state of metal skin. However, in the comics, Colossus only metals up when he needs to. When he casually walks around Xavier’s Mansion, he appears human, not as a comical metal giant. The film uses Colossus as the constant punchline to Wade’s jokes, when in fact the character wouldn’t stand for it. Colossus is an X-Man, and he will stand up for what’s right, but he won’t exactly sulk in his bed waiting for Wade to apologize.


Deadpool 2 8 Characters It Gets Right And 7 It Gets Wrong

We don’t know how the marketing team of Deadpool 2 managed to hide the fact that one of the biggest X-Men villains was in the film – biggest, in every sense of the word. In this day and age of movie trailers, and promos and toys and action figures spoiling many surprises from highly-anticipated releases, the reveal of Juggernaut came as a real shock, one that was only made even more exciting thanks to how the character looked. Various characters in the film teased “the big guy” quite a few times, building up to his shocking arrival. We just had no idea how big this big guy was actually going to be.

When Juggernaut finally reveals himself, he is the force of nature he was always meant to be. A simple stomp from his foot is enough to bring an entire convoy down, followed by the collapse of a bridge. Like in the comics, the character appears inhumanly large, meaning that the choice to bring the character to life through CGI was the only option to accurately bring the Juggernaut to the screen. What’s more, his fight with Colossus is everything we wanted it to be: a match of titans that looks like it was lifted straight from the comic book page.


Deadpool 2 8 Characters It Gets Right And 7 It Gets Wrong

When Vanessa was introduced in 2016’s Deadpool, most moviegoers simply knew her to be Wade Wilson’s girlfriend. But comic book fans also knew that Vanessa is a mutant who goes by the codename Copycat in the source material. The two did fall in love, and Wade eventually did break up with her, but that is not where Vanessa’s story ended. Like the mutant Mystique, Vanessa can take the shape of other people, and mimic the powers of the mutants she copies. Eventually, Vanessa would end up a mercenary much like Wade, with associations to his mutant strike force team, X-Force.

While Vanessa did not exhibit any power in the first Deadpool, some fans hoped that the sequel would see her finally reveal what she could do. Alas, that wasn’t the case. Worse still, Vanessa died in the opening moments of the film, when Wade’s crucial mistake led to her death. For the remainder of the film, she was glimpsed in the afterlife, offering words of wisdom and comfort to Wade. Even though the mid-credits scene of the film may have ended up undoing this death, and even though Vanessa might return in another sequel to reveal herself as a mutant, it doesn’t change the fact that Deadpool 2 didn’t get the character right.


Deadpool 2 8 Characters It Gets Right And 7 It Gets Wrong

Negasonic Teenage Warhead’s depiction in the Deadpool movies is different than most characters of the films. In fact, she was such an obscure character in the comics with very little presence that the creative forces of the first film could easily have her moulded into the universe they created. While her powers were changed for the big screen, Negasonic still had the personality of a moody, gothic teenager. What couldn’t have been foreseen was the character then becoming as popular as she did, and the Marvel Comics reflecting that popularity by bringing Negasonic back in the books, with a look that closely resembled that of the movie. This means that Negasonic was first rightfully brought to the screen, in such a way that it managed to influence the comics going forward.

Now, in the sequel, Negasonic Teenage Warhead is once again her same, moody, rebellious and quiet self. She is true to the original material, and she is even more true to the more recent comic books. She might not have as big a role in the sequel, but her presence is still important, and true to the character. Alongside Colossus, she is one of the most effective and beloved X-Men characters on the screen right now.


Deadpool 2 8 Characters It Gets Right And 7 It Gets Wrong

There was a time when we actually knew very little of Deadpool 2. Other than the general knowledge that Cable would have a role to play in the film, we had no idea what the plot of the film would be, or which character would be the movie’s central villain. Well, as the film approached, there were rumors rumbling that the main antagonist of the film would actually be Black Tom Cassidy, a mutant who has gone up against Deadpool many times before, including some of his first appearances. When the movie was finally released, we saw that there was some truth to these rumors… and a whole lot of wrong.

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Yes, Black Tom Cassidy was, in fact, in the film. But no, he wasn’t its main villain; not even close. If anything, he was an annoyance at best. Wade Wilson runs into the character when he is incarcerated alongside Firefist in the mutant prison. There, Black Tom is essentially the prison bully. Never once do we see his mutant powers in use. The character is basically only used to make racist jokes. And instead of setting up a rivalry with Deadpool to further explore in a potential sequel, Black Tom Cassidy is unceremoniously killed in the middle of the film.


Deadpool 2 8 Characters It Gets Right And 7 It Gets Wrong

We’ll get this out of the way right now: the Deadpool 2 trailers really had us going. By showing us that some version of the X-Force team would appear in the film, comic book fans were sold on the inclusion of the team thanks to the inclusion of Shatterstar, a character who has been associated with the mutant strike force for a very long time in the comics. And yes, we were left just as shocked as anyone when X-Force’s first mission goes disastrously wrong. While we expected some characters to die, we certainly didn’t expect Shatterstar to bite the bullet with such little screen-time under his belt.

It was certainly disappointing to see a beloved comic book character comically depart almost as soon as he was introduced, but we still can’t deny the fact that what little we saw of Shatterstar actually managed to be an actual representation of the character. For the film, it would have been very easy to streamline Shatterstar’s origin and turn him into a simple mutant. But Deadpool 2 didn’t shy away from the fact that the character is an alien who comes from the planet Mojoworld. What’s more, the character had a comic book-accurate costume that could have easily been avoided in favor of something more screen-friendly. It was a brief appearance, but one that was really spot on.


Deadpool 2 8 Characters It Gets Right And 7 It Gets Wrong

One of the trailers of Deadpool 2 drew the attention of many fans when it first teased the introduction of X-Force, Deadpool’s own mutant strike force to rival Charles Xaver’s X-Men. Even more exciting was the fact that there were certain familiar characters on the roster. Of course, there was Domino, and Shatterstar, and even a surprise appearance by Brooklyn Nine-Nine fan-favorite Terry Crews as Bedlam. Fans were excited for the character’s role in the film, which hinted at a few choice fight scenes for the electrical magnetic pulse-detonating mutant. Everything started off great, with Bedlam earning his place on the team and joining X-Force’s first mission… but the results were more or less catastrophic.

In fact, Bedlam never made it to the ground. Before he could say or do much of anything, the character was blown right into the path of a bus. Considering that he had many adventures as a member of X-Force in the comics — adventures that greatly involved Domino — this was undoubtedly disappointing. Bedlam never even got a chance to use his powers, or to develop any kind of relationship with Domino or the other members of the team. Hopefully, a sequel might see Bedlam return alive, and more in-line with his comic book counterpart.


Deadpool 2 8 Characters It Gets Right And 7 It Gets Wrong

Weasel might not be the biggest comic book character in the grand scheme of things, but he was still a somewhat important part of Deadpool’s extended cast of characters for a time. Weasel is not only Wade’s closest (and possibly only) friend, he also works for him. When Deadpool needs some information, when he needs some new weapons to use on a particular mission and when he is in need of a new target, Weasel is usually the one who comes through for him. Thanks to him, Wade is armed, he has the targets, and he knows everything that he can about his next big mission.

In Deadpool 2, T.J. Miller reprises his role as Weasel, and once again, the sequel brings the character to the screen in a way that lives up to the character’s comic book portrayal. The shows us that Weasel and Wade are close friends, and he is also the one that comes through when Wade is looking to hire members for the X-Force team he is looking to assemble. What’s more, Deadpool 2’s Weasel is also shown to be self-serving, as evidenced by his divulging everything he knows to Cable before the time-traveler can have a chance to torture him. And that is something that comic book Weasel would most assuredly do.


Deadpool 2 8 Characters It Gets Right And 7 It Gets Wrong

Julian Dennison’s mysterious mutant appeared in the trailers of Deadpool 2, but his character was still shrouded in secrecy. For a long time, we didn’t know who the actor was playing, or what exactly his role in the film was going to be. As it turns out, Dennison had one of the biggest roles of the film and effectively worked as one of its main villains. With his mutant abilities, Firefist was a potential threat, and he was the very reason Cable had time-travelled from the future. But in the comics, Russell is not a villain who grows up to be a dangerous murderer.

In fact, in the source material, Firefist becomes a member of the mutant team X-Factor, and later the X-Terminators. The character doesn’t have much of a relationship with Wade Wilson in the comics, and he is not found in a mutant gene suppression school. He is a young teenager who first joins up with the Navy, only to become a soldier in a different kind of war after his powers manifest. Russell’s dilemma between being a force for good or evil is at the center of the film. He is rebellious and angry, but more than anything he is looking for a few friends. In the comics, Russell quickly befriends the mutants of X-Factor, who come to help him control his powers. This is a case where much of the character was changed for the movie, for better or worse.

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Deadpool 2 8 Characters It Gets Right And 7 It Gets Wrong

The relationship between Blind Al and Wade Wilson is one that is certainly twisted in the comic books, and it is once again brought to life on the big screen in Deadpool 2. The first movie established Blind Al as Wade’s roommate, reluctant friend, confidante and favored punching bag. Deadpool doesn’t pull any punches around her, and she doesn’t either. The movie doesn’t touch on how the two begrudgingly met in the comics, but it ultimately doesn’t matter. In both movies, Blind Al is exactly the way she is in the comics, and although we don’t see her much in the sequel, she is still the dry presence she was always meant to be.

When Wade Wilson loses his girlfriend Vanessa, she is the first to tell him to shake it off and to get his life back on track – and she demonstrates that by proving she has no bedside manners whatsoever. Wade isn’t one to be exactly nice to Al, and yet she tolerates him for some reason — and he keeps coming back to her. When he is ripped in half, he once again comes to her for comfort and help. She is a mother figure, a family member, a foil and a strong motivator. She is one of the only ones who can put Wade in his place, and that is something that the character sorely needs, both in the comics and the movies.


Deadpool 2 8 Characters It Gets Right And 7 It Gets Wrong

Yes, Hugh Jackman finally appears in a Deadpool movie – and no, it’s not the Wolverine appearance we actually want. In the mid-credits scene of Deadpool 2, Wade Wilson starts using Cable’s time-travelling device to make a few corrections to the timeline. One of those spots includes the climatic battle of the 2009 movie, X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Wade shows up just before Wolverine and Deadpool/Weapon XI are about to fight, putting a bullet in the head of his lesser, alternate self. In the scene, we actually see Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine, and Deadpool does talk to him. But it’s only stock footage. What little we see of Wolverine was a few seconds of footage that featured in the Wolverine film, — not an official new scene shot by Hugh Jackman.

Worse still, this is the one appearance the Wolverine finally puts in in a Deadpool film, and it comes from a movie that didn’t exactly do right by the character. We want Jackman’s Logan and Reynolds’ Wilson to actually share the screen together, to see them trade wits and insults, and spar with their swords and razor-sharp claws. It was a nice touch to include a shot of the previous movie, but it’s nowhere near the right appearance fans truly wish to see.


Deadpool 2 8 Characters It Gets Right And 7 It Gets Wrong

Wait, the X-Men? Yes, the X-Men. And no, we don’t mean Negasonic Teenage Warhead, Yukio and Colossus. Perhaps one of the most surprising cameos that came in Deadpool 2 was a brief apperance of the entire cast of the mutant superheroes from X-Men: Apocalypse and the upcoming X-Men: Dark Phoenix. Charles Xavier, Nightcrawler, Cyclops, Beast and a whole lot more characters can quickly be seen during a scene set in Xavier’s school for Gifted Youngsters. What made this cameo even more satisfying is that it came on the heels of Wade once again complaining that the mutant school was empty.

As best we can tell, the X-Men were in another room, probably planning their next mission. But as soon as they hear Wade Wilson approaching, they keep quiet as Beast rushes to close the door, hoping that the merc’ with a mouth simply won’t notice them. And it works – he walks right past them. While this ranks among the briefest of appearances, it still manages to be an accurate representation of how the X-Men would act around Deadpool. Most simply want nothing to do with him, and they are more than happy to hide from him. It doesn’t matter that the timeline might not make a whole lot of sense – this was a perfect moment of levity involving the X-Men.

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