Bleach 10 Fights Where The Wrong Character Won

Bleach: 10 Fights Where The Wrong Character Won

Bleach featured battle after battle, but sometimes the outcome just didn’t feel right.

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Bleach 10 Fights Where The Wrong Character Won

Like many of its shonen counterparts, there is no scarcity of characters in Bleach — although the same can’t be said for their personal development. Regardless, the abundance of Shinigami, Hollows, Arrancar, Quincy, Fullbringers, and so on means that the story is constantly packed with action, taking only small breaks to deal with more complex issues.

As for the actual battles, nearly all of them are won by the heroes (or their allies), with notable exceptions like Aizen’s massacre of the Gotei 13. Does every victor really deserve the win, though? Are there fights in Bleach that could have resulted in a different outcome for whatever reason?

10 Ichigo Kurosaki Doesn’t Get His Revenge On Grand Fisher

Bleach 10 Fights Where The Wrong Character Won

After Masaki Kurosaki’s premature death at the hands of the predatory Hollow known as Grand Fisher, Ichigo is left utterly distressed. His desire for vengeance is almost gratified when he takes on the creature after developing into a proto-Shinigami.

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Unfortunately, Grand Fisher escapes before Ichigo can land the finishing blow. On the other hand, Masaki’s husband, Isshin, gets the privilege of killing Grand Fisher, which is at least a satisfactory ending.

9 Kenpachi Kills Unohana To Become Stronger

Bleach 10 Fights Where The Wrong Character Won

After Soul Society is shaken up by the Wandenreich’s first major visit, Captain-Commander Shunsui Kyoraku demands that Central 46 grant permission to increase Zaraki Kenpachi’s power level as futureproofing.

The method in question involves pitting the Squad 11 captain against Unohana Retsu, the first in the line of Kenpachis. It is extremely obvious that the seemingly gentle medic is far more powerful than her successor, but it is Zaraki who ultimately wins.

8 Ulquiorra Loses To Ichigo’s Hollow, Not Ichigo

Bleach 10 Fights Where The Wrong Character Won

In their final match, it almost looks like Ichigo has been utterly defeated by Ulquiorra’s Segunda Etapa, but that’s until Hollow Zangetsu takes control of the Shinigami’s body.

In this form, Ichigo basically vaporizes Ulquiorra, with the latter’s overwhelming Lanza del Relámpago having close to zero effect. Interestingly, Ichigo wants to fight the Espada once again, this time in possession of his senses, but Ulquiorra’s body is far too damaged at this point.

7 Mayuri Should Have Been Able To Destroy Uryu

Bleach 10 Fights Where The Wrong Character Won

Uryu is barely a novice Quincy when he is forced to battle Mayuri Kurotsuchi, a captain who had already made a name for himself as the most vicious entity in Soul Society.

In fact, the Shinigami brings out his terrifying bankai, Konjiki Ashisogi Jizo, but the giant worm-baby filled with poisons fails to take Uryu out. This is the same bankai capable of routing Szayelaporro Granz, the Espada who isn’t defeated by the combined efforts of Renji and Uryu.

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6 Rukia Defeats An Espada Leagues Beyond Her Level

Bleach 10 Fights Where The Wrong Character Won

Rukia battles Aaroniero Arruruerie in Hueco Mundo only to find out that her opponent had indirectly consumed her beloved mentor, Kaien Shiba, via the Hollow Metastacia.

Psychological tricks don’t work as well as the Espada hopes, but it makes no sense that Rukia manages to defeat it in a single strike. Rukia may be a major character in the series, but the power differential between her and Aaroniero is sky-high.

5 Mask Manages To Rout Rose Otoribashi & Kensei Muguruma Simultaneously

Bleach 10 Fights Where The Wrong Character Won

Mask de Masculine’s Schrift allows him to augment his strength when his “fans” cheer for him, which makes him a significantly dangerous opponent.

However, when he faces off against Kensei Muguruma and Rose Otoribashi, two of Soul Society’s seniormost captains, it would be logical to assume that the villain has no chance of winning. On the contrary, Mask doesn’t just defeat both of them; he actually damages their bodies beyond repair, all to give the newly empowered Renji a good match.

4 Hitsugaya Is Somehow Strong Enough To Take Down Harribel

Bleach 10 Fights Where The Wrong Character Won

Gin refers to Hitsugaya as “the heavenly white angel who blesses Soul Society once a century,” which strongly implies that the youngest captain is a powerhouse.

He proves this fact time and again, but not during his fight with Tier Harribel, officially the third-strongest Espada. Hitsugaya uses Hyoten Hyakkaso to freeze her in place, effectively ending the battle. Harribel is later freed when Wonderweiss’ screech destroys Hitsugaya’s ice, showing that his technique had little to no impact on her after all.

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3 Ichigo’s Newborn Bankai Is As Strong As A Gotei 13 Captain

Bleach 10 Fights Where The Wrong Character Won

In his Rukia-rescuing venture, Ichigo takes on several captains and vice-captains, growing to a level at which he would be able to defeat Byakuya Kuchiki.

Yoruichi helps him develop his bankai using Urahara’s method, and Ichigo employs it against the Squad 6 captain to great effect. Sure, the only reason he wins is because his Hollow comes out to play, but there’s no way an unhoned Tensa Zangetsu should be capable of pushing away the hundreds of thousands of petals emerging from Byakuya’s Senbonzakura Kageyoshi.

2 Yamamoto Defeats Yhwach Once But Fails To Replicate The Victory

Bleach 10 Fights Where The Wrong Character Won

Yhwach and Yamamoto fought a legendary battle centuries ago, concluding with the total annihilation of the Quincy community. A flashback scene reveals that Yhwach was fully equipped with his four-iris Almighty at the time, meaning that altering timelines for his benefit made no difference against Yamamoto.

In the present, Yhwach merely steals the old man’s bankai and proceeds to kill him with a simple slash. It’s obvious that Zanka no Tachi is key here, but Yama doesn’t even fight back.

1 Neither Kenpachi Nor Ichigo Acknowledge Victory

This is a unique case of both combatants plainly refusing to accept that they have won a battle with no clear outcome. Ichigo and Kenpachi release the entirety of their reiatsu in a winner-take-all final clash, leading the fighters to fall to the ground simultaneously.

Ichigo can be considered triumphant if one assumes that the winner needs to be conscious, but the whole thing is really unclear. In this context, the entire outcome of the battle is what ultimately feels wrong.

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