Anakin Skywalker vs Harry Potter Which Chosen One Reigns Supreme

Anakin Skywalker vs. Harry Potter: Which Chosen One Reigns Supreme?

Harry Potter and Anakin Skywalker are possibly the most iconic chosen ones, but between the two heroes, which one is the most effective?

You Are Reading :Anakin Skywalker vs Harry Potter Which Chosen One Reigns Supreme

In fantasy and science-fantasy, the trope of the chosen one can always be found in some capacity. Typically this trope will focus on an individual who is gifted (or cursed) with a destiny to bring balance to a world in turmoil. Two of the best modern examples of this include Harry Potter and Anakin Skywalker of Star Wars .

Though these two characters couldn’t be further apart in terms of story and abilities, they are still chosen ones who have good hearts, no matter their choices. While both succeed in bringing balance to the world/universe, both characters go about it in very different ways. Considering the events and the results of their actions, which of these chosen heroes was the most effective in fulfilling their prophecy?

Harry Potter’s Prophecy And Choices

Most fantasy stories foretell a hero that will bring balance to a troubled world centuries or decades before they appear. However, Harry Potter’s story begins and ends with the character. When Voldemort’s uprising found its way to Lily and James Potter’s house, the Dark Lord killed Harry’s parents, but when Voldemort tried to kill him, he was unable to. This left Harry with a lightning bolt scar on his forehead and the moniker of “The Boy Who Lived.” Nevertheless, it was believed he would be the one who would ultimately defeat Voldemort.

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As Harry got older and attended Hogwarts, he showed great promise in his magical skills and developed a close network of friends that supported and believed in him. Because of these friends and the magical gifts left by his parents, Harry had the internal strength to face Voldemort. However, it was his cleverness and selfless love for those closest to him that helped him survive Voldemort’s killing curse, thus ultimately defeating the Dark Lord all before he graduated..

Anakin Skywalker’s Prophecy and Choices

Anakin Skywalker’s journey as the chosen one began years before his birth. The prophecy told of a being who was powerful and would ultimately bring balance to the Force. However, due to the vagueness of the prophecy, it was hard to decipher where and when this chosen one or imbalance would take place. That changed when Qui-Gon Jinn found a young Anakin Skywalker and learned he was conceived through the Force and had an uncharacteristically high midichlorian count. Anakin would then join the Jedi Order and train under Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Unlike Harry, Anakin’s prophecy took decades. That being said, his story took a tragic turn when he went to the Dark Side to help his wife, Padmé, after seeing a vision that she would die in childbirth. Not only did he fail in saving her, but he also killed multiple Jedi and children in service of the Emperor, plunging the galaxy into turmoil as Darth Vader.

It wouldn’t be until his son, Luke Skywalker, showed him that there was still a way back from the Dark Side. At that moment, Vader relinquished his darkness and killed the Emperor. He would later die due to damage to his suit, but he died as Anakin Skywalker and was shown as a Force ghost in his form prior to becoming Darth Vader. Though he wavered, Anakin still fulfilled his prophecy at the cost of millions of lives.

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Harry Potter Is a Better Chosen One Than Anakin Skywalker

There’s no doubt that Anakin’s fulfillment of the prophecy saved many more people than Harry Potter’s, but it came after three decades of death and destruction, including the eradication of an entire planet. Almost all of these acts were done by Vader, but the whole rise of the Empire couldn’t have been done without him.

On the other hand, Harry only took close to three years following Voldemort’s return to defeat him and fulfill his prophecy. In that timeframe, there were casualties, but nothing compared to Anakin’s. It’s also important to note that Harry never compromised his morals to do the right thing and even focused on disarming opponents rather than fighting them head-on. When taking their actions and the results into account, it’s clear that Harry is the most efficient chosen one next to Anakin Skywalker.

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