17 Times Censors Fell Asleep During Lego Batman

17 Times Censors Fell Asleep During Lego Batman

How could The Lego Batman Movie be anything but innocent, kid-friendly fun? Read on as CBR shares some wild moments that somehow made it past censors!

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17 Times Censors Fell Asleep During Lego Batman

The Lego Batman Movie is one of our favorite DC films ever made. We understand this is a bold statement, but before you start pelting us with Batarangs, please consider that this movie captures the essence of Batman and friends with such utter brilliance it’s almost dizzying. Almost every line, sound bite, and scene is loaded with Easter eggs and references — not only to the Batman story, but even inside jokes between actors! We could go on about how well done this movie is — the combination of Batman, stop-motion animation, and Lego makes our nostalgic nerdy side insanely happy — but what really grabs our attention about this animated feature are all the wild things snuck in there.

For everything The Lego Batman Movie does to be non-violent and kid friendly on the surface — “Pew pew — non lethal!” — there are some darker themes lurking beneath. We cannot believe some of this stuff made it past final editing! How could a kids movie based upon classic comics and toys be anything but innocent? Read on as CBR shares some wild moments that could have only wound up in the public cut of this film because the censors fell asleep — that, or they have as twisted a sense of humor as we do!


17 Times Censors Fell Asleep During Lego Batman

As the movie unfolds, Joker’s latest evil plot is being laid out by The Clown Prince himself — during which the audience is given a montage of various DC villains putting his plan into action. The first to make his appearance is the Riddler, who surprises an innocent bystander with a giant question mark planted in the middle of a highway he’s driving up. He has no choice but to stop his car, which Riddler jumps out in front of — grabbing the man’s accessible arm with his iconic question mark-topped cane.

Shortly after that, another baddie rolls onto the scene — literally — and smashes into the victim’s car with a semi-truck! It cuts so quickly to the next scene, it’s easy to miss the fact that the bystander just got totally decimated by that truck smashing into his car — leaving only his Lego arm behind, still trapped in Riddler’s cane!


17 Times Censors Fell Asleep During Lego Batman

In one of the most creative and fun cover songs ever done — “Nah Nah Nah Batman!” — Batman “get’s nuts” to a mix he pulls up on his… um, BatPod? Whatever tech he uses to play the song, it’s a lot of fun, especially since we get to watch Bats kick villain butt while rocking out! A close listen to the lyrics makes one think twice about what exactly B-man is singing about, however.

With references such as “You think my muscles are big…You haven’t seen my brain. Ladies, it’s okay if you stare. Why? ‘Cuz I’m a billionaire!” — and — “Who always pays their taxes? NOT Batman!” All of this causes one to pause and wonder if this was written for kids or adults. It won’t be the first time, nor even close to the last as the movie continues on.


17 Times Censors Fell Asleep During Lego Batman

One of the funniest themes of Lego Batman is its portrayal of the relationship between Joker and Batman. Every great protagonist needs an equally great antagonist, and Joker knows this — even if Batman refuses to acknowledge it. Joker’s desperation for Batman’s “acceptance” of their polarizing relationship in this film may seem a bit dramatic on the surface, but to any longtime DC fan, it’s better portrayed than most live action productions!

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A double entendre is snuck into the dialogue between these two as they discuss the nature of their “relationship.” As Joker demands Batman admit that he is his “greatest enemy,” Bats refuses to, stating he likes to “fight around.” Joker responds with, “Hey, I’m fine with you fighting other people, if you wanna do that, but what we have is special!” We said that to an ex one time, but it didn’t work out as well.


17 Times Censors Fell Asleep During Lego Batman

It is always a pleasure to see superheroes poking fun at each other, especially from across different franchises. This happens a few times in The Lego Batman Movie, but one that is most memorable is when Batman is asked by his Computer for the password to access the Batcave. Bats responds to his “‘Puter’s” query with “Iron Man sucks!”

Considering the two are both billionaire playboys who like to put on high tech suits and fight crime, yet have completely different personalities, we can see how there could be a rivalry between them. We just cannot believe they snuck this into a movie that is supposed to be for children, or how a DC movie even got away with it! We do wonder how many made this a password of their own after seeing it, though!


17 Times Censors Fell Asleep During Lego Batman

After a long night of fighting crime, there is nothing quite like coming home to unwind — especially if you are Bruce Wayne, with a mansion, butler, and seemingly endless supply of money at your disposal. We’d imagine the first thing you would want to do after a hard day’s night is change out of those sweat-stained tights you’d been fighting in for hours — and this is exactly what Bruce does in Lego Batman.

As he is rolled down a moving walkway from the Batmobile towards the main part of the Batcave, Bruce strips off his Batsuit and dons a cozy looking Hugh Hefner style robe. It is a bit revealing, though — purposely cut high up one thigh. — giving us almost too much to look at, even for a stop motion Lego character!


17 Times Censors Fell Asleep During Lego Batman

While Joker is pining away in his lair over the lack of attention he is receiving from Batman, his henchmen are busying themselves with various activities in the background. It is easy to pay more attention to Joker’s tirades than the out of focus behaviors taking place behind him — but sharp eyes will note there is more than just decorating and furniture assembly happening back there.

For a few seconds, Polka-Dot Man can be seen pole dancing for other baddies! He does some pretty fancy moves that would impress any athlete — and get the onlookers excited enough to cheer him on while throwing dollar bills into the air. We’ve seen DC sneak some pretty gnarly material into its animated features before, but this pole dancing scene may take the cake!


17 Times Censors Fell Asleep During Lego Batman

While Batman is at a quintessential “It’s a Batman Movie so There Must be a Fancy Gala” event, he encounters an orphan who has been admiring Bruce Wayne from afar. “The greatest orphan of all time” charms him with a selfie and advice about how to get adopted. After some initial chit chat, the orphan introduces himself to Bruce. “My name’s Richard Grayson, but all my friends call me Dick.”

Hey, that sounds so familiar! Where do we know that name from? Anyways, back to the movie — Bruce responds to Richard’s nickname with, “Well, children can be cruel.” Yeah, this one had us rolling on the floor with laughter like we just got hit with one of Joker’s toxins! And we love that after this remark, Bruce continues to use it as a way to address the future Robin anyway.


17 Times Censors Fell Asleep During Lego Batman

When Joker surrenders himself and the rest of Gotham’s villains to Barbara Gordon, everyone is shocked and confused –especially Batman. Joker explains that since Bats made it clear that there is “nothing special about their relationship,” there is no point in Joker committing crimes anymore. He makes his behavior incredibly suspicious, perhaps something having to do with him blinking while saying “Blink, blink, blink.”

So, Batman tells Babs to step aside and let him handle Joker. To which J-Bird replies, “Not so fast, Batman! You can’t fight me anymore. I’m off the market.” Joker continues while rubbing his Lego hands down his torso, “You can’t have ANY of this anymore!” Barbara, Batman, and everyone else on scene looks a bit disgusted. “Man, am I sorry asked.” We are too, Bats. We are too.

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17 Times Censors Fell Asleep During Lego Batman

Another excellent example to children in model adult behavior is when the citizens of Gotham “celebrate” the elimination of crime from their city. In an ironic twist, Joker captures all the villains of Gotham, locking them up and presenting them to Barbara Gordon. Overwhelmed by the concept of “No more crime!” — the crowd breaks out into uninhibited expressions of their excitement.

They get so excited, in fact, that they take things to the extreme — shooting off guns into the air, setting things on fire, rioting, looting, and causing the very mayhem they are so pleased to have eliminated from their society. Batman is the only one who stays out of the chaos — not so much because he is a good role model — but because this means there is no more need for The Dark Knight. Poor guy — we hear macrame is nice.


17 Times Censors Fell Asleep During Lego Batman

One of the most fun things about the Lego Movies is the way they incorporate real life child behavior into the storylines. From imitating the sounds children make when they play, to dreaded parental discipline, we get good laughs about this while reinforcing healthy behaviors. Batman is definitely a problem child for the ever faithful Alfred, something we see addressed throughout Lego Batman.

In an attempt to enforce some much needed discipline, Batman comes home to find Alfred has put his Computer on Parental Lock. In an act of rebellion, Bats attempts to bypass the lock using his “double super secret password.” “You mean, ‘Alfred da Buttler’ with two t’s?” We’re not sure who laughed harder at this, Batman, the kids we saw this with, or us!


17 Times Censors Fell Asleep During Lego Batman

A touching moment takes place between Alfred and Bruce as they discuss the newest addition to the Bats family — Richard “Dick” Grayson. Bruce is reluctant to let anyone into his life, but Alfred seems to touch on something deep in Brucey’s heart when he reminds him of the similarities Bruce shares with this boy who also lost his parents at a tragically young age. With poignant music playing in the background, and a close-up shot of Batman’s thoughtful face, we seem like we might get an actual deep moment in this silly movie.

The enchantment is shattered by our laughter as Bruce responds with “Alfred, you’ve been watching way too many Lifetime movies and drinking Chardonnay –” “It’s Pinot Grigio, Sir.” Oh my goodness, we are as enthralled by this masterpiece of a scene as Dick is when he’s allowed into the Batcave shortly thereafter.


17 Times Censors Fell Asleep During Lego Batman

There are various origins as to how Dick Grayson came up with his moniker of “Robin” and iconic costume. The one in Lego Batman is as memorable as any we’ve seen thus far. Robin discovers Batman’s costume closet, which reminds one of Cher’s revolving closet in Clueless, and starts looking at all the different costumes Batman has stored away. The costume that catches Dick’s eye is a reggae inspired one, complete with dreadlocks! “That one was for the assignment called the ‘Jamaican Caper.’ The locals called me ‘Reggae Man’.”

Dick jumps into it enthusiastically — “I love it! It’s like I was born into it!” Well, that certainly shines a new light on what Robin may partake in when he isn’t fighting crime! Thankfully, the dreadlocks get left behind, and Dick makes some modifications to the outfit that make it less reggae and more of the Robin fans recognize.


17 Times Censors Fell Asleep During Lego Batman

After donning the “Reggae Man” costume to get prepared for his first mission alongside Batman, Robin finds that some changes are needed to make the costume feel more comfortable. As noted earlier, we avoid even more awkwardness about Grayson’s choice of this outfit when he chooses to leave the dreadlocks behind. However, the scales of awkward are tipped yet again when Dick decides the pants that came with the Reggae Man outfit are too tight for performing crime fighting activities in.

Before Batman can stop him, Robin yells, “I have an idea! RRrip!” — while tearing off his pants — leaving behind the little green shorts and red boots we’ve come to associate with the character. “Now I’m free! Now I’m moving! Come on Batman, Let’s get grooving!” Bats replies with a deadpan “I can only look you in the eyes right now.” Same here, B-man. Same here!

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17 Times Censors Fell Asleep During Lego Batman

Before Batman can interrogate the Joker in Arkham Asylum, he is forced to go thru a security check and surrender his weapons. An arsenal of Batarangs, Batmerch, and even inflatable pool toys are pulled from Batman’s pockets and utility belt. Even after all that, though, he fails the security check, and has to take off his boots.

Barbara Gordon and the audience are given a bit more than we may have cared to see when Batman pulls his boots off, along with most of the lower half of his costume. “Uh, this is really uncomfortable,” says Babs. For us as well! “Sorry about that. My boots are part of my pants.” Hey Bats, can’t you have Alfred change that up for you? If not for Barbara’s sake, for the children?


17 Times Censors Fell Asleep During Lego Batman

There is certainly nothing wrong with physical fitness, but this interpretation of Batman is a bit too into his body. It is a ton of fun to see a Batman who is full of himself — one that is so radically different from the somber and self flagellating Dark Knight we are used to. We especially enjoy his obsession with his abs. Throughout The Lego Batman Movie, Bats makes multiple references to the glory of his core strength.

In the intro, Bats claims to have “a nine pack” — yeah, Batman has an extra ab. When he visits the local orphanage, his parting words of advice to the kids are “If you wanna be like Batman — take care of your abs.” He even has his computer praise his sculpted stomach — “You have beautiful abs, Sir.” To which B-man replies “It’s my cross to bear.”


17 Times Censors Fell Asleep During Lego Batman

Towards the end of this wild ride of a movie, we get to see some reconciliation between Batman and his greatest enemy, Joker. When the world around them is falling apart and Batman needs Joker’s help to pull things together, he finally gives Mistah J the affirmation he has been obsessing over and acknowledges his relationship with Joker is indeed special.

The way Bats chooses to express it is especially touching, and something that must have slipped by some nonchalant censors! “You’re the reason I wake up at 4 o’clock in the afternoon and pump iron until my chest is positively sick. You’re the reason I’ve given up a life with Russian ballerinas and lady active-wear models.” It goes on, but this moment is golden, and not just for the themes discussed concerning the values of teamwork and friendship!


17 Times Censors Fell Asleep During Lego Batman

At the end of the Lego Batman, as all of Gotham celebrates the fact their city didn’t crumble into an “endless abyss that stinks of dirty underwear” — quick eyes will catch one final scene we cannot believe got past the censors. With fireworks exploding in the background, and warm and fuzzy feelings for all — we see excited hugs and expressions of endearment abound in celebration.

It seems all pure and innocent, but there is a quick shot where Two-Face kisses Albert in a fit of exuberance! We’re not sure how appropriate this is, even though it is cheeky good fun and we are all for supporting the LGBQT community! It’s just that, The Lego Batman Movie is supposed to be for children and younger audiences…right?

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