15 Reasons Iron Fist Needs A Second Season

15 Reasons Iron Fist Needs A Second Season

The first season of Iron Fist introduced a variety of new characters to the MCU. Here’s why they all deserve a second season to continue their storylines, critics be damned.

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15 Reasons Iron Fist Needs A Second Season

With the launch of Marvel’s “Iron Fist,” all four of the originally planned Marvel Netflix series are now available for viewing before each of their heroes get together for “The Defenders” sometime later in 2017. While “Iron Fist’s” Danny Rand and Colleen Wing will continue some of their individual arcs in “The Defenders,” it would be a shame for their story to end there and it would be absolutely disappointing to see them just shoehorned into another Marvel series as glorified cameos going forward.

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From the introduction of exciting new characters like Davos, Bakuto and the Meachums to the use of magic and international locations, “Iron Fist” has proven that it has more than enough unique content to justify an additional season (or maybe even more!). Here are 15 reasons why “Iron Fist” needs a second season.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains spoilers for “Iron Fist” Season One.


15 Reasons Iron Fist Needs A Second Season

In the “Iron Fist” comic books, Steel Serpent (also known as Davos) is one of Danny Rand’s more-popular villains and is considered by many to be a sort of anti-Iron Fist due to his costume’s visual similarities to Danny’s and his ability to steal the power of Shou-Lao from Danny Rand for himself. He is the son of Danny’s mentor, Lei Kung The Conqueror, and has even been known to associate himself with the villainous group, Hydra.

Davos made his live action debut in the second half of “Iron Fist’s” first season and made a lasting impression on audiences in part due to the brilliant performance by Sacha Dhawan, and the decision to introduce him as an ally with good, though ultimately flawed, intentions. The character is already well on his way to becoming the supervillain he was meant to be and audiences deserve to see him reach his destination. With his past friendship with Danny and his new partnerships with Joy Meachum and Madam Gao, Davos would make for the perfect antagonist for Danny in Season Two.


15 Reasons Iron Fist Needs A Second Season

Something that really set “Iron Fist” apart from other series was its strong focus on mental health, abuse and bullying. Danny Rand was a character who was intensely bullied from a young age by Ward Meachum, suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) after the plan crash that killed his parents, and was physically and emotionally abused by the monks at K’un-Lun over a 15-year period.

Impressively, the first season of “Iron Fist” was more about the beginning of Danny’s journey to recovery instead of the unrealistic quick fix that most shows try to do. The show also made efforts to humanize the homeless, who often suffer from mental disabilities, in several episodes and took great lengths to show that mental illness was not just something that made Danny Rand superficially more interesting on a character bio; it was a condition that continued to affect his life, personal wellbeing and his relationships with others. Danny has become Marvel’s champion for the bullied and abused and this needs to be explored further in a second season.


15 Reasons Iron Fist Needs A Second Season

In the first season of “Iron Fist,” one of the continuing subplots that ran throughout was the fact that while Danny Rand may have been chosen to be the Iron Fist, he still had a long way to go in his mastering of the magical powers granted to him by Shou-Lao. Bakuto was the one to teach Danny how to heal with his powers, something the Iron Fist didn’t even know that he could do, and the footage of a previous Iron Fist showed that with proper training, an Iron Fist can actually channel his or her chi into both hands, not just the one as Danny has been doing.

The arrival of Davos in the second half of the season also made it obvious that Danny wasn’t as proficient in hand-to-hand combat as he claimed he was and some observations made by Colleen Wing suggested that he lacked experience with some weaponry such as swords. There’s some huge opportunities here for character growth and even some exploration of why Danny Rand was chosen to be the Iron Fist when he’s obviously lacking in so many areas.

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15 Reasons Iron Fist Needs A Second Season

“Captain America: Civil War” changed the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) by introducing the Sokovia Accords, a piece of legislation that requires all powered individuals to register their names and powers with world governments. The Sokovia Accords have already been mentioned in “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” with both Slingshot and Quake having signed the papers, but so far this new law hasn’t seemed to have made much of an impact with the heroes in the Netflix corner of the MCU. Jessica Jones and Luke Cage have both managed to avoid signing the Accords as has Daredevil so this does need to be addressed soon.

With Danny Rand being the most obviously powered member of The Defenders with his glowing fist and ability to heal, the hero would be an obvious target by officials looking to crack down on unregistered individuals. He’s also fairly easy to find due to his lack of costume and position at Rand Enterprises. It would make sense for the general public and the press to begin asking questions about where he stands on the issue of registration. This could be a major arc in Season Two, provided the time jump threads itself throughout the Netflix universe.


15 Reasons Iron Fist Needs A Second Season

Viewers and critics may be divided on “Iron Fist’s” first season but something that most people can agree upon is the super strong soundtrack curated by Trevor Morris, who had previously composed music for movies such as “Immortals,” “Olympus Has Fallen” and “Hard Target 2” in addition to several popular TV series like “The Tudors,” “The Borgias,” “Vikings,” “Reign” and “Dracula.”

“Iron Fist’s” opening credits and background music featured a brilliantly retro vibe that seemingly drew from classic kung fu movies in a way not dissimilar to what Quentin Tarantino did with “Kill Bill.” This influence was blended with the style of music used in modern science fiction fantasy favorites like “Tron Legacy” and the result was something that was truly unique and dramatically different from what audiences had heard in “Daredevil,” “Jessica Jones” and “Luke Cage.” Another season of “Iron Fist” would mean more great music from Trevor Morris and that can only be a good thing.


15 Reasons Iron Fist Needs A Second Season

Shang Chi was a Marvel Comics character who was inspired by the popular “Kung Fu” TV show of the 70s, making his comic book debut in “Special Marvel Edition” #15 (Steve Englehart, Jim Starlin, December 1973), just five months before Iron Fist arrived on the scene in “Marvel Premiere” #15 (Roy Thomas, Gil Kane, May 1974). The character is often referred to as “The Master of Kung Fu” and while he was originally known for his incredible martial arts skills, has now been given the power to create identical copies of himself.

Given the character’s expertise and Danny Rand’s need for a new mentor to help improve his martial arts, Shang Chi is an obvious choice for a new character to introduce in a potential second season of “Iron Fist” and could take the show to even greater heights. Shang Chi could even help Danny through many of his mental problems and the show’s writers could easily rewrite the character slightly to have some knowledge of the Iron Fist’s powers that he could pass onto Danny. Season One dipped its toes into the martial arts corner of the MCU and Season Two could dive right in.


15 Reasons Iron Fist Needs A Second Season

Marvel’s numerous Netflix series have been playing musical chairs with their characters for a while now. In addition to the character of Claire, who has appeared in every series so far, viewers have also seen Luke Cage play a supporting role in “Jessica Jones,” Jeri Hogarth offer support in “Iron Fist,” and will soon see “Daredevil’s” Karen Paige in the upcoming “Punisher” series. “Iron Fist” Season Two could easily borrow another existing character from a different series to boost its own prestige and the most likely candidate is “Luke Cage’s” Misty Knight.

Not only is Misty Knight a major love interest for Danny Rand in the comic books (the two actually shared the first interracial superhero kiss in comics), she’s also destined to team up with “Iron Fist’s” Colleen Wing to form The Daughters of the Dragon. Misty Knight also has a strong connection to Luke Cage, who eventually becomes Danny Rand’s best friend which makes her connection to the series even stronger. “Iron Fist” Season Two needs to happen and adding Misty Knight to the cast would make it a must-see.

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15 Reasons Iron Fist Needs A Second Season

One of the strongest aspects of the first season of “Iron Fist” was the relationship between Danny Rand and Colleen Wing. The two martial artists grew to be true equals over the course of the season, not only with their skills and intellect but also in regards to their personal experience with loss, being controlled and focusing their rage on something bigger than themselves. Danny Rand and Colleen Wing became partners before lovers and even after they took their relationship to the next level, they still worked together cohesively and with mutual respect.

This relationship really needs to continue to be explored more and a proper second season of “Iron Fist” is really the only way to do it justice. Both characters have a lot of growth to do individually and together and there’s also the possibility that they could in fact be bad for each other as Claire pointed out in the season finale. Where do they go from here? “Iron Fist” Season Two would tell us.


15 Reasons Iron Fist Needs A Second Season

A lot of time was spent focusing on Rand Enterprises in Season One of “Iron Fist.” This was entirely justified as it helped establish exactly what world Danny Rand was returning to and also explored what exactly Danny was looking for, once he did. Unfortunately, this extra focus came at the expense of time spent on other characters and plot points, namely Colleen Wing’s Chikara Dojo.

It is established late in the season that Bakuto was the one who helped Colleen open the karate and kendo school, but what wasn’t clear was where the fate of the dojo now stands after Colleen has killed Bakuto and left The Hand. It would be in keeping with the character for her to continue running it (though with some obvious changes to the graduation process), but she could also be too busy for it now that she’s helping the legendary Iron Fist and the other Defenders save New York City. The fate of Chikara Dojo and Colleen Wing’s future likely won’t be covered in “The Defenders,” which means that fans will need a second season of “Iron Fist” to explore this potential storyline.


15 Reasons Iron Fist Needs A Second Season

Madame Gao has been a presence in the Marvel Netflix series since the first season of “Daredevil” and viewers finally got to find out more about her in “Iron Fist” due to her connections to The Hand and the mystical city of K’un-Lun, which she claimed to have visited and possibly even lived there in the past. “Iron Fist” also revealed that Madam Gao is significantly older than she appears and answers to someone much higher than her in the Hand chain of command.

Despite all of these new trinkets of information, though, there’s still plenty more to find out about when it comes to this mysterious woman. Who was she when she was younger? How old is she exactly? Is she the Crane Mother from the comic books, and if so, does she indeed play a larger role in the creation of K’un-Lun in the MCU? Does she have any other powers? All of these questions need answering and a second season of “Iron Fist” is the most organic place to do so.


15 Reasons Iron Fist Needs A Second Season

“Iron Fist” introduced K’un-Lun to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but right now it’s unclear if the other Cities of Heaven exist. In the “Iron Fist” comic books, there were originally thought to be only the Seven Cities of Heaven, but relatively recently (in “Immortal Iron Fist” #13, Ed Brubaker, Matt Fraction, David Aja, 2008), an eighth city was revealed to exist. Like K’un-Lun, these Cities of Heaven only connect to Earth after certain periods of time; however, it is also possible for individuals to create secret gateways. This is forbidden, though.

Bringing the other Cities of Heaven into the Marvel Cinematic Universe canon could offer some fantastic material for further storylines with additional characters now being able to visit New York from these other cities. An entire season could even follow Danny Rand and Colleen Wing as they travel the globe in search of the other cities’ locations. This would not only create a Marvel series that was completely unlike any of the company’s other offerings, but also stand out as a unique concept among most other shows on Netflix in general.


15 Reasons Iron Fist Needs A Second Season

In comics, there are certain partnerships that define a franchise: Batman and Robin, Captain America and Bucky… and Luke Cage and Iron Fist. These two superheroes began teaming up in the late 70s where they became a progressive example of how two people from vastly different backgrounds could work together as equals; they have long since enjoyed one of Marvel’s most iconic friendships.

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Luke Cage and Iron Fist have already been confirmed to be meeting in “The Defenders,” but after that miniseries is over, the relationship needs to continue with a possible Danny Rand cameo in the second season of “Luke Cage” and a Luke Cage cameo in a second season of “Iron Fist.” Luke Cage has already succeeded as a supporting character in “Jessica Jones” Season One and there’s no reason he couldn’t do the same again in another series. The character would definitely bring something new to Danny’s world and could also bring along with him an officer by the name of Misty Knight who could team up with Colleen Wing.


15 Reasons Iron Fist Needs A Second Season

One aspect of “Iron Fist” that set it apart from the other Marvel Netflix series was its celebration of different forms of martial arts. With Danny Rand being trained in kung fu and Colleen Wing being a pro at kendo and karate, viewers were rewarded with a sharp contrast of fighting styles that isn’t normally seen on screen. Not only did this variety in martial arts make for some fun scenes between characters as they exchanged training tips from their personal style, but it was also quite educational and reminded the viewers that, like how there’s no one Asian culture, there are many forms of martial arts as well.

Being such a strong platform for educating people on fighting styles, a second season of “Iron Fist” could really expand on this idea and incorporate other characters, who use something other than kung fu or karat,e such as capoeira or muay thai.


15 Reasons Iron Fist Needs A Second Season

While “Daredevil” and “Jessica Jones” for the most part stuck with Hell’s Kitchen as their location of choice, and “Luke Cage” focused heavily on Harlem, “Iron Fist” broke out of the single-location style of its predecessors and set its storyline not only in Chinatown and a variety of other New York locations but also abroad in Mainland China and even K’un-Lun. Even the characters were rather international with Danny Rand having grown up overseas in K’un-Lun and Colleen Wing being from both Chinese and Japanese heritage and now living in New York.

With “Iron Fist” already established as a rather global series in its first season, a second season could really embrace this and bring in more characters from diverse backgrounds while also exploring other locations around the globe to tell the “Iron Fist” story. Colleen Wing flashbacks in Japan would be welcomed by many, as would a present-day visit to the country for more information on The Hand. A storyline that sends Danny and Colleen around the globe in search of the other Cities of Heaven could also be exciting, as would some business trips to some of Rand Enterprises’ international offices.


15 Reasons Iron Fist Needs A Second Season

Danny Rand and Colleen Wing’s storylines may be continuing in “The Defenders” but odds are that (at least) one more season will be needed to reveal what happened to K’un-Lun after the first season finale, how Colleen manages to cope with abandoning The Hand, and what, if any, progress Danny experiences with his PTSD and other mental issues.

The biggest questions, though, will be related to how meeting and joining up with the other Defenders will affect Danny. For the most part, Danny prefers to work alone. How will being part of a team impact how he approaches problems going forward? “The Defenders” will also introduce Danny to not only Luke Cage but also Misty Knight. Will the Luke Cage and Iron Fist friendship be as strong in the shows as it is in the comics? What about that Misty Knight romance? “Iron Fist” Season Two could answer all of these questions.

Would you like to see a second season of “Iron Fist” on Netflix? Which characters or storylines would you like to see? Let us know in the comments!

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