10 DC Villains Sorted Into Their Game of Thrones Houses

10 DC Villains Sorted Into Their Game of Thrones Houses

If anyone can match wits with Westeros’ baddest, it would be the villains of the DC Universe. Here are the houses these comic villains would exist in.

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10 DC Villains Sorted Into Their Game of Thrones Houses

If anyone can match wits with Westeros’ baddest of the bad, it would be the villains of the DC Universe. Crafty, powerful and undeniably committed to their own nefarious ends, the DC villains could probably have Westeros wrapped around their “Littlefingers” in a three-issue miniseries, rather than seven ponderous tomes.

However, what Houses would they be claiming their spoils for? Would it be for one of the many royal Houses, or for some of the other groups and affiliations that litter the Westerosi landscapes and beyond? Ponder no further, as we Sort 10 DC Villains Their Game of Thrones Houses.

10 SINESTRO: House Lannister

10 DC Villains Sorted Into Their Game of Thrones Houses

Many Houses in Westeros are capable of inspiring great fear, but none perhaps do it as well as the Lannisters. With tactics both ruthless and bloody, the Lannisters are so intimidating that even a few bars of a simple song are enough to inspire pulse-pounding fear in a room full of wedding guests.

Sinestro would feel right at home in this House, perhaps even offering membership to its patriarch, Tywin, with whom he shares an affinity for brutal law enforcement and strict discipline.

9 LADY SHIVA: The Faceless Men

10 DC Villains Sorted Into Their Game of Thrones Houses

Lady Shiva is the most dangerous hand-to-hand fighter in the DC Universe, even able to subdue Batman with relative ease. She’s parlayed her martial ability into a lucrative career as an assassin, but also pursues her own projects (like training Tim Drake) whenever she wishes. Her efficacy in her chosen profession puts her in the same league as the Faceless Men,

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Braavos’ ultra-secret and highly effective assassins’ guild. Although not capable of changing her face as they do, Lady Shiva is still a master of espionage and would make a great member of this guild.

8 DOOMSDAY: House Clegane

10 DC Villains Sorted Into Their Game of Thrones Houses

A mindless and near-invincible juggernaut of destruction, Doomsday’s biggest claim to fame has always been beating Superman to death in his first appearance. Since then, he’s been used somewhat sparingly, and oftentimes under the control or influence of smarter supervillains like Brainiac, Cyborg Superman, Darkseid or Lex Luthor. But he but always manages to shirk their control and return to form as a bestial powerhouse.

In this, Doomsday closely resembles Ser Gregor Clegane, aka The Mountain That Rides. Ruthless, powerful and able to cut a swathe through any of his opponents, Clegane eventually shirks the control of the Lannisters to conclude his own vendetta. Through this marked similarity, Doomsday finds a home in this House.

7 BANE: House Martell

10 DC Villains Sorted Into Their Game of Thrones Houses

A criminal mastermind of epic proportions, Bane is master of the slow burn, having put plans in motion to thoroughly destroy Batman that took months to play out while simultaneously attacking the Dark Knight on every level: physically, emotionally and mentally. If that fails, Bane is also perfectly capable of simply snapping an opponent in two like a twig.

In this way, Bane would fit in well in House Martell. Their members are capable of enacting long, drawn-out plans for vengeance, like Prince Doran and the Sand Snakes, and are also capable of quick and brutal retributive combat, like Oberyn Martell.

6 DEATHSTROKE: Golden Company

10 DC Villains Sorted Into Their Game of Thrones Houses

Deathstroke is the DC Universe’s premier assassin, a former elite soldier imbued with meta-human abilities. Often working alone, Deathstroke has also not shied away from partnerships before and has even been the head of villainous organizations.

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As a mercenary, Slade Wilson would blend in perfectly as a member of the Golden Company. The premiere army for hire of the Free Cities of Essos, the Golden Company is renowned for its ability to get the job done, as well as honoring every one of their contracts. Here, Deathstroke would find an organization dedicated to the same principles he is.

5 THE PENGUIN: House Frey

10 DC Villains Sorted Into Their Game of Thrones Houses

Recently depicted in the comics as a trader in information and a mastermind of under-the-radar crimes like weapons dealing, the Penguin is an odious and contemptible individual. Preferring to orchestrate things from the comfort of his chair, the Penguin rarely engages in crimes directly, which keeps him out of the courts and jails.

In his seeming cowardice and despicable nature, the Penguin would fit in properly in House Frey. Despised and distrusted throughout all of Westeros, House Frey is reviled even by allies for their hand in the Red Wedding, which flouted the rules of hospitality and honor. But like the Penguin, the rulers of House Frey couldn’t resist, as it increased their holding in Westeros.

4 LEX LUTHOR: Iron Bank of Braavos

10 DC Villains Sorted Into Their Game of Thrones Houses

It’s no secret that Lex Luthor is a brilliant strategist. Being the head of a multi-billion dollar corporation, President of the United States, and leader of several super-villain cadres stand in testament to that fact. More often than not, Luthor achieves this status not only by a ruthless ability to call in favors and hold people to task through leverage but through a virtually inexhaustible amount of monetary resources.

In this way, his modus operandi would fit in perfectly with members of the Iron Bank of Braavos. Their reputation is fearsome enough to even give Tywin Lannister pause, and Luthor would no doubt find a way to rise to the head of that organization.

3 BLACK ADAM: House Targaryen

10 DC Villains Sorted Into Their Game of Thrones Houses

An ancient monarch with the same mystical meta-human abilities as Captain Marvel, Black Adam has had regal aspirations for literally thousands of years. Ruling over ancient Egypt (retconned to Khandaq)until deposed, Black Adam picked up where he left off when he regained life in the 20th century.

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Benevolent enough but capable of great violence and destruction when roused, Black Adam would fit in well with members of House Targaryen, who share similar traits. Aside from similar temperaments and styles of rule, Targaryens carry an air of mysticism through their association with dragons, a source of power with which Black Adam can relate.

2 BLACK MANTA: House Greyjoy

10 DC Villains Sorted Into Their Game of Thrones Houses

When he’s not busy planning atrocities against Aquaman, Black Manta is a deep-sea treasure hunter, scavenger and mercenary. Scouring the ocean floor for lost riches that can fuel his vendetta against the King of Atlantis, Black Manta is capable of the most sadistic and atrocious acts of violence in pursuing his aims.

In this way, he fits in well with the members of House Greyjoy. As rulers of the Iron Islands, the Greyjoys are seafaring marauders, taking what they wish from whomever they wish in the most violent ways possible. Like the Greyjoys, Black Manta has no qualms about paying “The Iron Price.”

1 NEKRON: The Others

Nekron is a terrifying manifestation of Death in the DC Universe. Representing Death as the Ultimate Opponent, Nekron is able to raise the dead as cannon fodder for his war against the living, as he did during The Blackest Night. Utterly soulless, Nekron is one of the deadliest and most powerful opponents the DC universe has ever faced.

Nekron shares many similarities with the Night’s King, whose army of White Walkers or Others mimics Nekron’s army of the dead quite strikingly. Conceivably, Nekron could quite easily usurp power from the Night’s King and run Westeros unopposed.

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